This year there’s been so much talk about new influencer marketing. What does it all mean and how can brands work successfully with new generation influencers in 2017?

With ever declining circulation figures, PR people & advertisers are being challenged to look beyond traditional newspapers & magazines for effective publicity channels.

Influencers who create & share content through instagram, snapchat & youtube are rapidly changing the media landscape. Indeed some have become retail platforms in their own right. However big follower numbers don’t always mean effective customer engagement. Here are 5 tips to ensure your brand is ahead of the influencer curve next year……

WHO? Ensure your brand is working with the right influencers. Do your research – figure out which of those names OR potential partner brands are matching your brand lifestyle & engaging with appropriate customers. There are a huge number of fitness influencers right now but some are jumping on the wellbeing band-wagon. Check the name that you are considering has the credibility to talk about your topic – and has been doing so for at least 12 months!

COLLECTIVES. The formation of male & female collectives is a growing movement – enabling brands to work with groups of real people with a shared passion topic (as opposed to individual mega bloggers). Female fashion, music & fitness collectives are the most popular right now – a good example is #Girlgains with a community of 54,000 fitness inspired followers.

VIDEO. Global predictions about the influential power of online film content abound & its true that good short film content does receive more engaged commentary than imagery but the quality of the video content is key. Its definitely worth engaging an experienced videographer if your brand is engaged in events or activations worth capturing & sharing.

COLLABORATION is THE 2017 buzzword. Don’t simply gift bloggers but work more creatively & collaboratively with influencers or partner brands who visibly engage with your target audience. Instagram is a popular platform for sharing fashion lifestyle imagery & with the added benefit of instagram stories, Iet influencers get involved with your brand from creating mini Look Books to personalized photo-shoots.

SWEAT If you do choose to pay your online influencer for content, make sure you ‘sweat the content’ as much as possible. Think about ‘behind the scenes’ footage, an interview with your influencer for a blog piece or banking image content to share across your social media during topical moments in the future.