Being a mentor for BLOOMING FOUNDERS – the UK’s leading group for female entrepreneurs – is a really inspiring experience for me.

With my current Incubator communications work for some fantastic start ups…. & lots of entrepreneur networking events in the calendar coming up, here are my top STAND OUT tips for start ups!

  • What’s your elevator pitch? Its hard but try and crystallise your product idea into one simple line. Two at the most! It will make life easier for every piece of product story telling you need to do – albeit Investors, Retailers or Journalists;
  • What insights are your using to back up your new idea? Amongst friends & family, business ideas are great but out in the real world? Focus groups or research will also help your business pitch much stronger;
  • Don’t hide behind your Company. Be ready to tell your story as part of your new product or service. More than ever now, people buy into people so whether you are seeking investment or publicity – be happy to share your own journey..
  • Building a social media presence is exciting & flattering but don’t let it overtake your life & eat into valuable hours! Let someone else do the leg work for you (perhaps a passionate digital intern or trainee). However only you can share your personal insights & expertise so do create your own regular content through business platforms i.e. LinkedIn which will help build your credibility.
  • Its ok not to know everything. Work with & trust good people. Especially PR/marketing experts! Its frustrating when new entrepreneurs try to know everything. Its ok. You don’t need to know everything. Surround yourself with people who know more than you.
  • Combine product story telling through on & offline PR & live activation. More & more consumers want to see physical illustrations alongside online or social stories.
  • ·Let other people tell your story. Influencers, Collectives, Bloggers, Vloggers, Peer to peer word of mouth. engage them with your brand & let them share your story & grow your customer base.

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