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I’m very proud to be part of the team to bring home a B2B Award for the launch of Plexal in 2017. I am so pleased that a ‘fame’ campaign approach for a tech/B2B product was rewarded.

As many people who know me will agree(!) I do rant about the importance of placing creativity at the heart of all campaigns in whatever sector – but almost particularly in B2B and technology.

For too long this business sector has stuck to the sidelines with dry, obvious and lacklustre campaigns. And yet the stories behind the enterprise are more often than not – fascinating and visually enticing with incredible Founders and disrupting approaches.

Plexal¬† is a destination for tech startups and innovation services, its impact and story goes way beyond the shackles of technology story telling………..

So thanks to the PR Week judges for recognising that a creative approach doesn’t have to be confined to the realm of consumer goods. Getting London Mayor Sadiq Khan on a scooter to take a spin around Plexal was a lovely highlight launch moment that grabbed the tabloids and helped drive our enquiries by over 300% during launch week.




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October 18, 2018

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