Who wants to service startups? Some agencies are put off by preconceptions around cash flow or payment challenges, unrealistic Founder ambitions and PR blocks around business longevity and viable case studies.

At The Prospect Society, we think that’s short-sighted. Trying to shoe-horn conventional PR tactics against the needs of a fast growth enterprise is a very rare success.

Our Founder, Gaby Jesson has recently become a Mentor for the WeInSocialTech Accelerator supported by Deutsche Bank so to celebrate our 2019 series of growth workshops for startups, we want to share our unique approach. If last year is anything to go by, we know that a winning growth and communications strategy for startup clients comes in many shapes and sizes.

  1. Be More Business

Throw away the cookie cutters! Startup PR and marketing growth is never about blue-print PR solutions. The most exciting part about supporting startups is that you get to collaborate. You and your client are on the same side and you get a view that is rarely seen by most other agencies. And our team love that! We get to see inside the engine. We stand at the surgeon’s table. And to stretch the metaphor even further – we know that building out or fixing a fresh approach is not for the faint-hearted!

For agencies supporting the game-changers, innovators, entrepreneurs and disrupters, the real health warning is here: if you don’t understand the way the business is structured, its growth ambitions, opportunities and most importantly its challenges, you won’t get off first base. You will be wasting their time and your time. So truly understanding the structure of the startup business is absolutely key before you recommend or implement anything.

  1. Roll back

Sometimes….no, lets say OFTEN, you need to pause, take stock and recognize that this enterprise client may not be ready to activate PR – even if that’s what they say they want. Sometimes on the journey where you dig a bit deeper and ask those tricky questions, you find there’s still some work to be done on the brand identity or there’s a lack of reality around the customer match. And sometimes there still exist unresolved challenges around the product itself. Over time, we have worked out when to say no not right now or (what we prefer to say) yes, let’s help you with that.

  1. Make It Happen

As we all know, good PR needs a good PR toolbox. And with startups, the toolbox is almost always empty. We find that a lot of the work required for our startup and scaleup clients isn’t about activating story telling. It’s about helping them build a robust and professional strategy with us helping to make the necessary content tools. So yes, we may need to refine the key messages, help build the brand identity, tease out the stories, commission the photography, brief the film, implement the SEO and build the growth marketing strategy. Yes we do and yes we will!

  1. Go Deeper

Integrating wider strategic marketing activity is something that sends many traditional PR agencies into a spin and we understand. Startup PR needs a customized approach and it’s not for everyone. But we think the rewards are worth it. Very quickly – we get to see the direct impact of our work and if we are smart and join up the digital marketing strategy with PR and SEO – we become directly responsible for finding and driving customers and growing the business. That’s got to be the best place to be!

  1. Collaborate

Collaboration is the final word (at least in this blog) in communications support for innovation and startup brands. Close working and operating as a team within a team really makes the difference in helping a startup make those fast and hard decisions it needs to.

As long as there are new Companies emerging and new pioneers creating fresh innovative solutions, we want to be there, supporting, collaborating and ultimately helping the brand thrive.

If you would like us to talk to you about our support for startups – please contact gaby@theprospectsociety.com.